Postcard courtesy of Stephanie Wong

Here is a collage of picture that, if you did a tour all over Alberta, you might be able to find.  At the top left are ladies decked out in Klondike gear, commemorating Edmonton as the gateway to the goldrush in the Yukon.  To the right is the Alberta Legislature, the provincial government building.  It is located in Edmonton's River Valley and downtown, which is shown at top right.  Where there's prairies and foothills there's bound to be cowboys and cattle.  There are vasts amount of farmland and ranches in Alberta.  At bottom right is the city of Calgary.  You can easily spot it's Calgary Tower from afar.  The giant Ukrainian Easter egg is in Vegreville, where many people of Ukrainian descent live, descendents of the settlers who came to populate Alberta.  The oil pumpjack symbolizes Alberta's oil industry, which began its boom in 1947.  Trains near grain elevators are a common sight.  There is a suspension bridge in Rosedale.  The beautiful pink flower is the wild rose, the provincial flower of Alberta.  Finally, tourism-wise, Alberta is most known for the Rocky Mountains, with magnificent high and jagged peaks.

Caption: No shortage of things to see and do in Alberta, Canada.  Artwork/Design by Alberta Color


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