The Forbidden City
Beijing, China

Postcard courtesy of Ray Olszewski.
Photos by Shang Junyi.

Caption: Map of the Forbidden City (Beijing, China)

1) Meridian Gate (Wumen) 2) Gate of Supreme Harmony (Taihemen)
3) Hall of Supreme Harmony (Taihedian) 4) Hall of Central Harmony (Zhonghedian)
5) Hall of Preserving Harmony (Baohedian) 6) Gate of Heavenly Purity (Qianquingmen)
7) Palace of Heavenly Purity (Qianquinggong) 8) Palace of Earthly Tranquility (Kunninggong)
9) Imperial Garden (Yuhuayuan) 10) Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwumen)
11) Hall of Mental Cultivation (Yangxindian) 12) West Six Courts
13) East Six Courts 14) Hall of Imperial Supremecy (Huangjidian)
15) Quinlong Garden 16) Palace of Abstinence (Zhaigong)
17) Hall of Ancestral Worship (Fengxiandian) 18) Palace of Motherly Tranquility (Cininggong)
19) Hall of Military Eminences (Wuyingdian) 20) Hall of Literary Glory (Wenhuadian)



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