Postcard courtesy of Michelle Mock

In 1971, the International Department of the Compañia Telefónica moved our offices into a building overlooking Plaza de España.  In the center of the plaza is a statue of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, the legendary characters in Miguel de Cervantes book entitled "Don Quijote de la Mancha".

My grandmother, Noonie O’Rourke, often traveled to Europe with anyone who would go with her.  For many years, my grandfather followed on her adventures.  Later she would travel with friends.  My mother went along on some of her trips in her later years.  In the Spring of 1971, I was eagerly anticipating her visit.  We agreed to meet at the Plaza de España when I got off work.

Shortly before leaving the office, I glanced out the window.  Mixed in with all the Spaniards (who were predominantly dressed in dark or subdued clothing) and an assortment of tourists, one woman stood out.  She was dressed in an outfit the color of orange poppies.  There was no mistaking her even from seven floors up... it was Noonie!

Caption: Plaza de España


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