Madrid Around 1910

Postcard courtesy of Michelle Mock


23 Jan. 1916

Dear Maude,

Do you remember the beautiful view from the Plaza de Armas at evening?  This postal card may serve to recall the beautiful view of the Manzanares valley.  I wish I could stay a year in Madrid as you did, but I must start north in a day or two.  A lot of work must be done in Spain by somebody.  We have much to learn.  I am learning a little Spanish.

I couldn't read the signature on this card but it was addressed to Maude Kellerman, a.k.a. Mariquita and MK, who had sent the previous cards to her mother six years earlier.  I wonder what sort of work the writer was doing in Madrid.  Did you know that January 1916 was in the middle of World War I?  Spain remained neutral but war raged in Europe.  After doing a little bit of research on the next postcard, I figured out who signed this one.  Read on. :-)


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