Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Valenzuela and Mrs. Kruse's Kindergarten

We are a kindergarten class at La Paloma Academy in Tucson, Arizona. We have 8 girls, 13 boys, a teacher's aide and a teacher in our class. We have school all day like the big kids. We are proud of Tucson and like to say "Go Wildcats!" when we spell Arizona, because we are proud of the University of Arizona. It is warm and sunny almost all year here, so we play outside a lot. We like to sing, do phonics, color, learn about other places, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and eat good food. The kids like spaghetti, ice cream, vegetables and birthday cake, and the teachers like Mexican food, especially the spicy kinds. Here in the desert, it gets really hot, and the plants and animals are very tough. We see coyotes, tarantulas, owls, bats, butterflies, and birds. When birds fly south of the winter, they often come here. For plants, we see cacti, Palo Verde trees, mesquite trees and if they get enough watering, lots of beautiful roses. Our class says, "We are nice. Come see us!"

Caption: A solitary cactus silhouetted by the full moon on a low ridge in Superstition Mountain. photo Frank Zullo


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