Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Hooks' Grizzly Bear Class.

Greetings from the Golden State!

Grizzlies from Butte Vista Elementary School in Yuba City, California. Yuba City is located in Sutter County, in California's Central Valley region. Our hot dry summers and mild winters make our area perfect for growing rice, peaches, tomatoes, walnuts, kiwi, prunes, and a whole lot more! Sutter County is home to the Buttes, the smallest mountain range in the world. We are about 2 hours north of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean, and 2 1/2 hours northwest of Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sacramento, our state's capitol and home to our "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger, is 45 minutes away. As you might have guessed, our class is named after our state's mammal, the grizzly bear, which is extinct in California. Our state bird is the Valley Quail and our state flower is the Golden Poppy. Our state motto is "Eureka", which means "I have found it," referring to the 1848 discovery of gold in Coloma which started the California Gold Rush. We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about our home! We can't wait to learn about yours!

Your New Friends in Mrs. Hooks' Grizzly Bear Class

Caption: The Golden Poppy was officially adopted as the California State Flower in 1903. "Its satiny petals, bright with the gleam of our gold mines, rich with the sheen of our fruits, and warm with the radiance of our sunshine, typifiy the ideal of California as no other flower could."


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