Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Martin's 1st Grade Class.

Our school is in Antioch, California. Our closest major city is San Francisco, which is known for the Gold Rush days and the Golden Gate Bridge. Many tourists like to visit and ride the cable cars. Settlers arrived in Antioch in 1850. It gets its name from Antioch in Syria. A number of early businesses were established: brick kilns, coal mining, potteries, and a paper mill. At the edge of Antioch is a river that leads to the Pacific Ocean. In the 1800s, that was the only means of transpotation. The area also has evidence of Miwok Indian tribes living along the delta before the settlers arrived. A replica of a Miwok village can be seen at a local farm. Today, our town is a growing community with LOTS of houses and new businesses. Our favorite thing to do is to go to the Antioch Water Park. It has water slides and pools.


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