Oceanside, California is a thriving and diverse coastal community in Northern San Diego county. This area was originally occupied by Native Americans and settled by Spanish missionaries who named these native people, Luiseños. Mission San Luis Rey was built a few miles upstream. This mission, founded by Father Antonio Peyri, was the largest building in California and the most prosperous of the missions when it was completed in 1815. The township of San Luis Rey was later settled by British settlers. In 1881 Andrew Jackson Myers relocated to the San Luis Rey township and was the first to own land there. The first Post Office was named Ocean Side and later became known as Oceanside. Myers is considered to be the founder of Oceanside.

For years Oceanside has been the go-to place for US Marines at Camp Pendleton to come out and enjoy a night on the town. It is also host to a surf museum and boasts several surfing and bodyboarding contests throughout the year. Oceanside is the last northern coastal city in San Diego, with Camp Pendleton buffering it from the Orange County city of San Clemente.

Caption: Oceanside view of the boat harbor. Photo © James Blank.


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