I have gone on many whale watches out of Newport Beach Harbor. The California Grey Whale (the State Marine Mammal) migrates from the Arctic to the warm waters off of Baja California to give birth and feed in the warmer waters. They begin heading south around October, spend winter in the Mexican waters and head north again in the Spring. Seeing a grey whale up close is the highlight of a whale watching expedition. Most of the time you are lucky to see one spouting in the distance, but whale watching is fun and educational. Dolphins love to swim along side the boats and harbor seals can be seen sunning on buoys around the harbor.

Caption: The harbor at Newport Beach is a leading Pacific Coast yacht rendezvous. The city comprises: Balboa, Balboa Island, Lido Isle, Corona del Mar, Newport heights , harbor Island, Bay Shores and Linda Isle. Photo: Wm. G. Hartshorn, Photographic Compositions.


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