San Bernardino is a city and a county in Southern California. The county of San Bernardino is over 20,000 square miles and it includes mountains, valleys and deserts. It stretches beyond the mountains all the way to the Nevada and Arizona borders. The portion on the coastal side of the mountains is part of what is know as the Inland Empire which is comprised of Riverside County and the populated part of San Bernardino county.

Residents frequently refer to San Bernardino as "San Berdoo". Mostly because they can't remember how to spell or pronounce it. The easy way to remember is to think of the St. Bernard dog (one of the largest breed of dogs). San Bernardino is named after St. Bernard (not the dog) ... Just remember "Bernard" with "ino" (pronounced eeno) on the end. Simple!

Caption: Settled by Mormons in the 1850s, San Bernardino is the largest county in area in the United States. It is the gateway to the popular resort areas of the San Bernardino Mountains, which include Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. Photo Wm. G. Hartshorn, Photographic Compositions


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