Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Russ' Class, Plew Elementary

Dear Friends,
We are a third grade class in Niceville, Florida. There are 11 girls and 9 boys in our class. Niceville is in the northwest part of the panhandle of Florida, near Pensacola. Niceville is right next to Eglin Air Force Base, so many of our parents are in the Air Force and their job is to fly fighter planes. Niceville is a small town, with only 12,000 people. The city was originally named Boggy after Boggy Bayou, but the name was changed to Niceville in 1910 to make the city sound more attractive to visitors! We like the name Niceville much better than Boggy. We are only 5 minutes from the beach on the Gulf of Mexico with its beautiful white sand. On the weekends, we like to swim, sail, and fish in the warm salt water. Florida is called "The Sunshine State" and it's true! Niceville gets 343 days of sunshine per year! In the summer, it is usually around 70 to 92 degrees, and the nearby gulf water temperature is about 80 degrees. Winter weather is very mild, and we never get snow!


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