Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Howe's 3rd Grade Class

Hello from New Paris Elementary in New Paris, Indiana.

Our third grade class has 13 girls and 8 boys.  Our school mascot is a Cubbie.  We are a rural school of 355 students in grades K-6.  We take AR tests and do Saxon math.  The closest big city is South Bend; Go Notre Dame!  South Bend is a 45 minute drive from here.  Although everyone in our class is English, we have a lot of Amish in this area.  We love the Colts.  Indiana is known for corn, basketball, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Our nickname is the Hoosier State.  Our state bird is the cardinal and the state flower is the peony.

Caption: Amish Country - Hundreds of horse and buggy rigs are parked in a pasture at an Amish consignment sale.  This is a great special event where a huge selection of items are auctioned, including household goods, farm and garden equipment, and even horses.  Amish are a religious group of industrious people who do not own automobiles or use electricity.  Horse and buggy is the traditional transportation.  Photograph by John Penrod.


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