Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Kelly's Third Graders

Dear Friends,
We are a third grade-gifted students at Berwick Elementary in Berwick, Louisiana. There are 11 students in our class - 8 boys and 3 girls. Our school has about 430 students Kindergarten through 5th grade. Our principal is Mr. Russo. Our mascot is the Panther! Our school colors are black and gold.
Our state is the only one in the country that has parishes instead of counties. Louisiana has 64 parishes. We live in St. Mary Parish. Berwick is about 90 miles southeast of New Orleans. Our area is most famous for its Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, which is held every Labor Day weekend. Louisiana is a very beautiful place with all different kinds of wildlife. We also eat a lot of very delicious foods. Our weather is very humid and tropical. We really do not have much of a winter, our coldest months are usually January and February. Britney Spears and Tim McGraw are from Louisiana. Also Kyla Pratt who was in Dr. Doolittle and is the voice of Penny Proud is from our area. Our favorite football teams are the Saints and LSU. If you ever travel in Louisiana, you will see lots of magnolias (our state flower) and brown pelicans (our state bird). You can visit our school's website at: http://www.stmary.k12.la.us/berwickelem/ We hope that you enjoy our postcard as much as we enjoyed yours!


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