New York

Postcard courtesy of Ms. Bonney's and Mrs. Karcz's class.

Hello from Cayuga Elementary.

We have 18 kids in our Kindergarten class (7 girls and 11 boys). In our class we have some pets: 4 fish, 1 newt, 1 fiddler crab and a bunch of snails. At school we are learning about different ways to make numbers. We are also learning a bunch of different sounds and how to write letters. We love to play I Spy on our Smart Board! During the fall we love to rake leaves and then jump in them. In the winter, we like to build snowmen, have snowball fights, play in the snow, make snow angels, make snow forts, and drink hot cocoa. In the spring we plant flowers and then pick them, play outside, draw on sidewalks, play in the rain, and see lots of rainbows. During the summer we like to play baseball, climb trees, go swimming in the lake and have picnics.

State tree: Sugar Maple
State flower: Rose
State animal: Beaver
State bird: Eastern Bluebird
State insect: Ladybug

Caption: A Finger Lakes Sunset in New York State is often alive with migrating Canadian Geese. Photo by Bill Banaszewski.

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