New York

Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Komoroske's 2nd Graders

Hello from West Seneca, New York!
We are 2nd graders from Clinton St. Elementary School. West Seneca is near Buffalo and Lake Erie. We are 1/2 hour away from Niagara Falls. We have many sports teams in our area: the Buffalo Bills (football), the Buffalo Sabres (hockey), the Buffalo Bisons (baseball), and the Buffalo Bandits (lacrosse). We can go to Shea's Theater in Buffalo and see real Broadway plays and we can go to concerts too. Ani DiFranco, the Goo Goo Dolls, Brian McKnight and Nick Carter are from this area. In the summer, we like to swim and camp. We go to Darien Lake or Fantasy Island (amusement parks). We play soccer, baseball and softball. Basketball, sledding, ice-skating, skiing, making snowmen, snow forts and snow angels are our favorite things to do in winter.


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