Postcard courtesy of Mr. Bush's first grade class

We are in first grade class at Huntington Elementary. We live and learn in Painesville, Ohio. We are learning how to read, write sentences, and add numbers. Soon we will know how to read very well. Painesville is the capital city of Lake County and is located near Lake Erie in the northeast corner of Ohio. We enjoy snow in the winter so we can sled ride, have snowball fights and make snowmen. In fact, our snowmen do things at night - we wrote a book about it and made it a class book. What does your snowman do at night? Have a wonderful winter.

Caption: PAINESVILLE CITY HALL - Incorporated under the laws of the Constitution of the State of Ohio in 1832. In 1908 the citizens purchased what was then the Lake County Court House, and the Painesville City Hall was officially established. Painesville City Hall was placed on record in 1968 as a historical building worthy of recognition. Photo taken by Bernie O'Leary. Printed and published by North Coast Printing, Inc., Painesville, Ohio, USA.


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