Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Plunkett's 1st Grade

Hello from Oklahoma, the "Sooner State"!
Deer Creek Elementary School is located in a rural area in Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma City. We have about 560 students in our K-5th grade school. We have six 1st grade classes. There are 21 students in our class; 12 boys, 9 girls and Mrs. Weeks, our student teacher. We like to write in our journals, read AD books, and take AR tests on the computer. Our favorite place at school is the outdoor classroom. We have a butterfly, vegetable, flower, and rose garden. We also have a pond, gazebo, and amphitheater. We love the postcards! Have a great year!
From Cole: "I love Oklahoma."

Caption: With veritable seas of oil flowing beneath the soil, Oklahoma quickly earned its reputation as an oil powerhouse during the boom years of 1912-1929. Today, oil and gas continue to be produced in 71 of the state's 77 counties. Distributed by Smith-Southwestern, Inc.


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