"I'm a BRAT!"

by Vicki Pitman Brady

Born to a person of honor who fought to defend our flag
Raised in a household which revolved around all that.
Amid all the sacrifices, I thrived and lived my life
Through deployments and transfers, our nation's struggles and our strife.
Strong and happy and thankful until this very day

I’m a BRAT, I will always be…
A BRAT I'll always stay.

Brats born into the military,
Raised to Reveille!
America the Beautiful!  Our Country Tis of Thee!
Taps played at sundown, with our hands upon our hearts,
Solid and steady, never to depart.

I'm a BRAT, I will always be…
A BRAT I'll always stay.
Our country has its freedom and our parents played a part.

Being always transferred from sea to shining sea
Removed from friends to meet some more, anxious for what would be.
And settling in and settling down at our new home ground,
There’s new opportunities, new friends to be found.
So life goes on and life goes 'round, and still I always say,

I'm a BRAT, I will always be…
A BRAT I'll always stay!

Blown just like a dandelion, dancing in the wind,
Relocated to almost anywhere for our freedom to defend.
Aware of the sacrifices made by all our fathers and their wives,
Together building family and the memories of our lives.
Serving our country in the States and overseas,

I'm a BRAT, I am proud of it!
A BRAT I'll always be!

Bringing up my own children, I tell them all the tales,
Remembering our journey, of fighter jets and ships that sailed.
Amid all the danger, we played, we lived, we grew.
Thankful for God’s mercy and the lifestyle that we knew.
Should anyone ask me, "Where do you call your home?"

I answer with pride, "The world has been my playground, this whole country that I've known."
Enlisted men and our leaders, too,
Real heroes and yet, our parents,
In service to our country and defending me and you.
Coast Guard and the
Air Force.  Everywhere the eagle flew.


I'm a BRAT, I will always be…
A BRAT I’ll always stay.
Thankful for our comraderie!

© Vicki Pitman Brady, 11 Nov. 2014


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