Califa's Journal #1


This day began much like any other.  I opened the windows and took a breath of the lovely fresh air, scented by the aroma of the flowers growing in bursts of colour in my garden.  I built a fire in the hearth and watched the flames lick the logs before setting about to prepare some of my favorite cakes.  As the welcoming scent began permeating my home, I was startled by a loud rapping at my door.  I knew that sound, it was Mr. G!

He had been gone for such a long time!  What wonderful, exciting, dangerous, adventurous stories would he have to tell me?  I could hardly wait and flew down the hallway in a burst of energetic excitement.  I lost my footing and slid the last several yards, crashing into the door with a thump.

"What do I always say about running in the hall?"  The voice on the other side of the door was deep and commanding, yet soft and nurturing.  I can not count the number of times I have slid into the door, so denying the obvious would do me no good.  "Good day, Mr. G.  It is lovely to see you again," I blushed opening the door with aplomb.

I took his staff and hat and put them on the rack by the door as I asked one question after another.  As I prepared a tray of tea and cakes, he made himself at home in his favorite old rocking chair.  His eyes were closed when I returned, as he slowly rocked back and forth.  When he sat this way, relaxed and with his eyes closed, he seemed so old.  He had seen much and had been on many adventures.  Sitting there rocking, he looked fragile and delicate.  I quietly sat the tray on a small table and took a seat in a nearby chair, waiting patiently, in silence.

Silence and patience are not virtues of mine.  It is quite difficult for me to remain still.  My thoughts are always running wild and I busy myself with activity day and night.  When I watch Mr. G, sitting and rocking, I become almost transfixed with wonder and calm.  He is an amazing being.

"Miss Bolson," he began, startling me from my quiet thoughts.  "I have come to see you today because it is time for you to go out on your own adventure."

I could hardly contain my excitement.  I have always dreamed of going out on a grand adventure.  I had heard plenty about the adventures of my ancestors Frodo and Bilbo Baggins of Bag End and longed to explore the universe beyond my home.  My thoughts were filled with visions of dragons, treasures, rings ... fighting orcs, trolls and other evil creatures of great strength and force ... elves sharing their love of song and living.  I would be going on an adventure.  When would I be leaving?  Where was I going?  I could hardly wait!

His eyes sparkled with amusement, which was more than I could stand.  "You will be leaving on a special mission tonight," he continued.  "I suggest you pack up some of those lovely cakes for your journey.  This adventure will take you beyond your dreams.  Pack light.  You need no weapons, you will not be fighting any evil creatures on this journey.  A rope, small digging utensils, and a bag for treasures are about all you will need.  Do not forget to pack a few handkerchiefs."

I started to pour him a cup of tea, but he shook his head and said,  "No, no.  I must be on my way.  Thank you for your offer of tea and cakes but I have other things of my own to attend to.  Rest well.  You will learn more about your journey later."

He stood and in a flash moved down the hall, putting his cloak on as he reached the entry way.  He opened the door and, silhouetted in the sunlight, he turned and said:  "Imagination is the key to learning.  Never shut the door on your imagination."  And with that, he was gone, leaving the door wide open behind him.

I stood there for a moment.  "He always comes and goes so quickly," I thought.

Tonight I will be going on my own adventure!  I rushed about packing the few things he recommended.  My home is tidy and organized.  I have no idea where I will be going or when Mr. G will be back to get me.  I am ready though, but I suddenly feel an incredible sleepiness coming over me.  Before I tuck myself into my comfortable little bed, I will tuck this journal into my bag.

I think it is time for a short nap.



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