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by: Michelle Mock

Who is Bonnie Bracey?

Bonnie Bracey is a Teacher - Agent of Change, working on technology integration projects with classroom teachers and national organizations.  She also works internationally with Global Information Infrastructure initiatives as a consultant. If you just read through her titles and accomplishments, you will be overwhelmed.  It seems that she has been everywhere, done everything and has every possible title a teacher could ever be awarded.

But .... who is she?

The many titles

Bonnie was a former Fulbright Exchange Teacher in India and an elementary school teacher in Virginia.  She was selected as a Christa McAuliffe Educator by the National Education Association.  She is also a Challenger Center Fellow and an Earthwatch Fellow.

She has been involved with all of NASA's youth projects and is on the NASA review board for youth projects.  She serves on the faculty of the Challenger Center and is a NEWEST Graduate, Langley, and NEW graduate of Goddard Space Center.

But... who IS she?

Advisory Boards and Task Forces

Bonnie also serves on numerous advisory boards including: Technos, The National Urban League, E-School News, On the Horizon, African Schoolnet, CTCnet, the President's National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, the White House Technology Initiative-Cyber Ed., and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Task Force.  She was the original network director of the 21st Century Teacher's Network and served on the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Kinetic City Advisory Board.  She was co-founder of the Online Internet Institute, an NSF funded grant.  She is a member of the ISTE Minority task force.

She is currently working with the European Children's Television Centre in Athens on their project, World Summit for Children, as a part of a global information infrastructure initiative outreach involving the use of the Superinformation Highway in children's media.  Bonnie is a frequent speaker at educational technology conferences and those focusing on bridging the Digital Divide.

But .... who IS she?

How she came to Imagiverse

Bonnie is very active in education and very active on the Internet.  She participates in a variety of different educational email lists, news groups, and bulletin boards.  The members of the Imagiverse Team kept seeing her name everywhere!  Bonnie always has answers for people.  She always has suggestions to guide teachers and students to information they seek.  She is always helpful and interested.  On one website, I read:

Those who know Bonnie well know that she is a real dynamo--and keeps ideas flooding from her mind faster than the listener can keep up.  While she spent a week in our home, I kept a legal pad handy to write down what she said, the names of people she told me to contact, the names of reports she told me to read, the applications of software she recommended making, etc.  Guess what?  There wasn't enough paper; there wasn't enough time; I couldn't write fast enough.  Ferdi Serim stated it best when he said, "Nobody can measure Bonnie's mental bandwidth!!"

But.... WHO IS SHE?

To get to know Bonnie check out her interview!  If you have questions about any of the amazing thing she does or any of the places she’s been, please send them to: Imagiverse - Ask The Expert

Bonnie's Interview


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10 March 2002

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