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I was born in Jamestown, North Dakota and moved to Washington State when I was five.  Dad was a school teacher and had a job teaching Industrial Arts in the little town of Redmond, Washington.  Now a growing town and the home of Microsoft and a lot of new electronics businesses.

We moved over the hill to the little town of Kirkland, Washington as dad thought he was going to teach school there.  He never changed from Redmond and drove over the hill forever, well until he was 65.  Kirkland is now the home of COSTCO and many fine restaurants on the edge of Lake Washington.

The folks moved from their house of 56 years, December of 2000, and now live in a retirement apartment in the little town of Woodenville, now growing also.  They are now in their 90's.

I graduated from high school way back in 1957 and went to one year of college before I had to go on active duty with the Naval Air Reserve.  My first 11 years were spent as and Aviation Electrician working on airplanes and helping teach the Naval Air reservists that drilled on the weekend.

In 1969, the year we landed on the Moon, the Navy decided to try an experiment and made six Aviation Warrant Officers in the reserve command.  I was selected to be an Aviation Electronics Warrant Officer.  You were given a warrant, a piece of paper, that said you could act like an officer.  You were sort of in the middle of the chain of command.  Enlisted personnel should salute you, but you had to salute a real officer.  My hat had a gold band that was broken with a blue strip.  Officers of the line, that graduated from Officer training school, had a solid gold band.

The Naval Air Reserve program didn't have jobs for us so we were given to the Regular Navy.  Since I had never been on a ship, the Navy gave me my first assignment on what they thought was an island in the Pacific, but it turned out to be U-Tapao Air Base in Thailand.  I worked as an Aviation Electronics Warrant Officer for the next 15 years.

While moon-lighting on week ends my last year in the Navy, selling computers for Digital Dellie, I would ask folks what they were going to use their new PC for and could I send them a resume.  This was in 1983 and I had just bought a new PC, the CompuPro, running a Z80 at 6 mega hertz with an operating system called CPM.  Do you remember a 64 kilo byte limit on memory?

Don Bass offered to show me around NASA which was just across the runway from VP-9 at Ames Research Center.  I ended up taking his place and joined Bendix Field Engineering, supporting the Pioneer series spacecraft.  Pioneer 10 left the Solar system that June 1983.

I supported the Pioneer missions until just before the end of the last Pioneer mission.  By that time I had re-written the Pioneer 10 telemetry system to run on a Mac Quadra 950.  That was in 1995 and the program is still working here in the year 2001.

I was away from NASA for a year and a half at Lam Research and then came back to help get real-time data from the upcoming lunar mission for the new web site that would talk about Lunar Prospector.  Lunar Prospector went around the moon for a year and a half and found signs of water at the moon's poles.

Orbital Sciences Corp hired me for that task and I am still there answering questions about Lunar Prospector and NASA space missions.  I send postings to a lunar-update list when I see something that I think folks looking up might be interested in.  There are about 2500 on that list and they keep me on my toes with their questions.

I have some information on the home site about space related items at and will be helping here to answer questions you might have.  Also, take a look at:
Kellogg Serial Reports
Larry Kellogg's Radio Weblog

There is a beautiful Space Frontier out there and you are all welcome to come along. See you on the Internet as we go to the Moon, Mars and to the stars.

"What the mind can conceive, and believe,
it will achieve."
~ Larry Kellogg

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3 August 2003

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