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Rian Harris was born in Lovingston, Virginia, a town with a population of 100, in the blueridge south of Charlottesville.  She lived in a house, which was originally built in 1809, her whole life.  While in high school she danced with Disneyland's touring performance group and worked as a snow board instructor.

Rian graduated from the College of William and Mary with degrees in Russian Studies and Environmental Sciences.  She moved to New York City where she worked in research for a large law firm.  In 1999, she was accepted into the Foreign Service.

She spent several months in Russia.  The first time, while she was in college, she worked at a radio staion.  Later, she returned with the State Department as the Consular Chief in Vladivostok.  She knows Moscow and St. Petersburg like the back of her hand.  She now lives with her husband, Chris, in Guatemala where she was a consular officer in the American Citizen Services and Non-Immigrant Visa sections of the US Embassy in Guatemala and is currently serving as the Human Rights Officer in the Political Section, working to promote the implementation of the 1996 Peace Accords and drafting the 2001 Human Rights Report.

Rian and Chris are waiting to find out where they will be living next.  Rian's next assignment could possibly be Botswana, Armenia, or Kahzakstan.  Her job has given them a chance to travel extensively in the Russian Far East, Central America, and Southern Europe.  They have also visited China and Korea.

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5 May 2002

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