This is a photo of my daughter Krystal and I.  We are about to leave on a scouting adventure to Alberta Jamboree in Pincher Creek.


This is a photo taken while on a canoe trip down the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada.  We stopped overnight at the riverside.  It was a good thing we chose high ground as we received rain that night and the river rose approximately 2 feet.


Myself and my husband (also a scout leader) in our canoe.  Just after this shot was taken the canoe tipped and only I fell out to a refreshing dip into the Red Deer River.


Some of the scout youth decided that they wanted a room with a view, but they didn't bargain for a room with the wind.  They ended up relocating their tent due to the high winds.


After the dip in the river we needed to dry off our clothes.  It was very windy so they were dry in no time.


Awh .. the old saw tooth game.  This was part of a competition held at an annual scouting event called the Devon Challenge.  We have attended this event every spring for over 4 years and continue to have a great time.


Registration at the Devon Challenge.  The scouts are ready for anything...


A couple of scouts haul all the camping stuff into the area.  We use the sleds to carry the stuff over the snow into the bush at least 1 mile.  Not too bad a trek.


The hauling never seems to end as we continue to haul all our gear.


On Lord Baden Powell week, we end the week off with a Torch Light Parade.  We all gather in one area, light torches, then parade through town singing scout songs and ceering each other on.  It is very fun.


Another group of scouts from our district called the Apex Ventures take turns burning the leftover torches at the end of our parade route as we all surround the fire and sing.


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