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El Salvador

¨  Is there a cookbook from El Salvador?
¨  National Anthem of El Salvador
¨  What are the typical foods in El Salvador?
¨  Historical buildings in El Salvador
¨  What is El Salvador's state flower?
¨  What is the "dream of Morazán"?
¨  What languages are spoken in El Salvador?
¨  What is the national bird of El Salvador?

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Please tell me if there is a cookbook from El Salvador.  I have been looking all over and can't find one.

ANSWER from Imagiverse on 31 October 2006:
Yes there are cookbooks from El Salvador.  Finding them in English might be a little difficult.  If you speak Spanish there are sites on the Internet:


For books, try your local bookstore.  They can look it up in their computer system and order books for you.  Often you will find recipes for El Salvador mixed in with other countries.  Good luck and ¡Buen provecho!

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What is the name of the National Anthem for El Salvador?

ANSWER from Liggia M. on 27 October 2004:
The National Anthem of El Salvador, doesn't have an exact name, it is just called Himno Nacional de El Salvador (National Anthem of El Salvador).  It was written by Juan Jose Cañas and its music was composed by Juan Aberle.  For lyrics and some other information about El Salvador, please visit our page: http://imagiverse.org/resources/world/elsalvador/el_salvador.htm

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Where can I get information about the different typical foods of El Salvador, including a background of how these foods originated?

ANSWER from Liggia M. 26 March 2004:
The typical foods in El Salvador is probably one of the best food anyone can taste!  The food that most identifies Salvadorean people are "pupusas".  Here you can find them anywhere you go.  There are different kinds of pupusas: cheese, bean, shrimp, revueltas (made of cheese, beans and chicharon), ayote, etc.  Pupusas originated a long time ago.  They were created by the Pipiles, the native Indians from El Salvador.  There are other typical foods from El Salvador, like chilate, nuegados, yucca, atol de elote, tamales (from pork, chicken, beef) and shuco.  But I think that the most important of all Salvadorean food are the pupusas.  Here is a web page where you can get more information:


Here is a site written in Spanish with recipes for pupusas and other "comida típica":


Liggia M.
El Salvador

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Can you give me information about two historical buildings in El Salvador?

ANSWER from Liggia M. on 17 December 2003:
Well, two historical builidings in El Salvador are the Cathedral of Santa Ana and the Santa Ana National Theater.  The Cathedral of Santa Ana is a great architectural jewel.  It is a gothic style cathedral, its color is beige.  It was built in the early 20th century.  It is built on bricks and only the front of the Cathedral is decorated the rest it was never finished.  Something really nice is that the Cathedral is the home of many pigeons.  There are some priests and important people that are buried there.  People have taken pictures from the above in a helicopter, and you can see the building forms a cross.  Its ceiling is cross shaped, it is really nice.  The altars where all the images of the Saints are, all are made of marble, really cool.  In the back part all the priests live.

Another great building is the Santa Ana National Theater.  It is another great architectural jewel.  Its ceiling has some incredible paintings.  It was built by Italian architects.  There are some wood statues that were brought from Italy.  It is divided into 3 sections.  Right now it is used frequently for events like art expositions and plays.  It has been reconstructed several times.  Its inside stairs are made out of wood, and if I'm not wrong the chairs are still the same ones they put when they first constructed it.  It is a really nice building.  The outside is painted with a very light yellow color, almost beige.  There is a foundation that takes care of the theater and it spends lots of money taking care of it.  The main set is all made out of wood and has some incredible decorations.  It is a two-story building.

[Liggia lives in El Salvador and writes from first hand experience.  You can also find more information and photographs about the treasures of El Salvador at: http://www.4elsalvador.com/INGLISH.htm]

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What is El Salvador's state flower?

ANSWER from Michelle Mock on 27 September 2003:
The national flower of El Salvador is called the "Flor de Izote".  You can find a picture of it here:
http://www.oas.org/OER/images/memstates/elsalvadornatsym.htmThe fruit of the izote plant is used in cooking in El Salvador.  You may recognize this plant if you are familiar with the California deserts.  Izote is a type of yucca plant.

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In one of your paragraphs about El Salvador it says the "
dream of Morazán".  What do you mean by that?

"The rainbow of peace, is the road in which Central America must go to its destiny.  The five flags, in which is conserved the Federation colors, is the heritage of our Proceres and the dream of Morazán."

ANSWER from Liggia M. on 10 May 2003:
First of all, the General Francisco Morazán was one of the most important men that helped to the independence of the Federal Republic of Central America (now the 5 Central American countries) and he was also the President of the Republic for some time.

When I say "the dream of Morazán" I mean that the dream of this man came true, the Republic is free and what he did was a real benefit, because he helped all the people to be free.

Liggia M.
El Salvador

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What languages are spoken in El Salvador?

ANSWER from Stephanie Wong on 21 October 2002:
Spanish is the common language spoken among El Salvadorans.  Some still speak Nahua, the language spoken by the Native peoples of El Salvador.

Source: CIA - The World Factbook

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What is the national bird of El Salvador?

ANSWER from Liggia M. on 7 June 2002:
The national bird of El Salvador is the "Torogoz".  Thank you for your question, we have added a picture of the torogoz to our El Salvador pages.

Liggia M.
Imagiverse Team Member
El Salvador

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