AUGUST 8, 2001
Imagiverse Launches!

Like a fiery lightning bolt, an educational website burst onto the Internet on August 8, 2001.  Imagiverse.Org will open the universe of imagination for students all over the world.  The site debuts in English and Spanish, with French and Portuguese translations following not far behind.  Its creators are citizens of different countries, spanning the globe, bringing a true global perspective to education.

"We believe that imagination is the key to learning.  Teachers can teach, but learning comes from within.  Our goal is to spark the flame that will lead young and old to pursue learning as an adventure through imagination.  There is an unending universe of learning opportunities.  Every bit of knowledge gained will undoubtedly lead the learner to new levels of wondering, new questions, new adventures."

The Imagiverse team and all its experts, volunteer time to ignite that flame.  The site is constantly growing and encourages contributions and suggestions from students, teachers, parents and curious adults worldwide.

For more information, please visit or write to Imagiverse - Team


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