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John Grant 3 January 2004
Dr. John Grant, Ph.D., is a planetary geomorphologist (a geologist who specializes in how various processes combine and interact over time to create a landscape).  Find out what herding cats has to do with Mars exploration.

Chris Herd 17 September 2003
Dr. Christopher Herd, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Alberta.  Chris is an expert in meteorites, comparing rocks from space with their more earthly counterparts.  Read about how he got interested in planetary geology at an early age, and how "imagination is the root of the creativity that underlies the very foundation of science."

Vicky Hamilton 7 September 2003
Dr. Victoria Hamilton, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) at the University of Hawai'i.  Learn why this psychology major changed paths in college and went on to a career she "wouldn't trade for anything" as a planetary geologist actively involved in Mars research.

Phil Christensen 14 August 2003
Dr. Phil Christensen, Ph.D., is a geologist and Mars scientist.  Read how the young grad student, who sat in the back of the room watching Mars scientists vote on Viking landing sites in 1976, became the Principal Investigator for two instruments currently in orbit around Mars and two more headed for landing in January 2004.

Paul Woodmansee 4 June 2003
Paul Woodmansee is a "rocket scientist" or more accurately, a propulsion engineer.  Imagine working on something that will carry a spacecraft to someplace like Mars!  Find out what subjects gave Paul trouble when he was a student and what strategies helped him through.

Dan Maas 5 November 2002
Dan Maas is a computer graphics artist, whose credits include creating NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers animation.  He also started his own company while still in his teens.

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