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  Robotics in the Elementary and Preschool Classroom
A little green guy, hunters and farmers...  Children at the Montessori School of Corona and Montessori Children's House in Cypress created landscapes and built K'Nex rovers but this version of Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Education Project has a bit of a twist.

Steven Dworetzky
Steven Dworetzky teaches middle school robotics in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He developed the Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Education Project and uses many fun techniques to spark the imagination of his multicultural, multilingual classroom.

Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Educator Workshop
Educators attended a workshop in July/August 2002 to assist in the development of curriculum for the MER REP project.  See teachers at work doing the same activities that their students will do.


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10 January 2004

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