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Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Project
The MER Robotics Project is an education program designed to teach kids about Mars exploration and robotics.  Read about various implementations of the project and the fun students and their teachers had.

COMPLUBOT is an educational robotics project for 10 to 14 year old students in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain).

Glaciers, Polar Bears, and the Midnight Sun!
NASA JPL engineer Paulo Younse travelled to the Arctic Circle to test out a new robot called "Cliffbot".  While testing out Cliffbot in the harsh terrain, Paulo also encountered an exotic landscape... almost as exotic as Mars!

Reality Robotics
It is not easy to get a robot on the field when you decide to compete.  This account is fairly detailed and a bit technical -- not with the intent of boring you (although it may...), but to convey just how much we had to go through to get our robot on the field at RoboCup 2002.

DARPA Robotics Challenge
In 2004, DARPA issued the Grand Challenge: a cross-country race of autonomous vehicles across the California and Nevada desert.  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) made this challenge to any non-governmental group interested in competing for the million dollar prize.  Read more here.  Now, DARPA has issued The Robotics Challenge.  The robots come to California June 5-6, 2015 at the Fairplex in Pomona (home of the LA County Fair).  Twenty-five of the top robotics organizations in the world will compete on a simulated disaster-response course, for $3.5 million in prizes.  The event is free to the public.  Will you be there to see the robots in action?

Robotics Interviews
Read about the different people involved in robotics!  Engineers, educators, students, parents, and many others make robotic technologies an integral part of society.


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31 May 2015

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