More to come... data acquisition and processing

There was not enough time to accomplish everything we wanted to do before the school year ended.  The rovers were "launched" and they "landed" on the alien planets.  The rovers took images of the terrain but the "science team" did not have time to process the incoming data.  Next school year, some of the same students, along with other students who are new to the project, will be able to look at the images and study them.  The image-processing step of the project will be a new adventure.  The students will be studying the images from their project as the two NASA rovers head to Mars.

Around the time the two rovers are scheduled to land on Mars (at the beginning of 2004), the students will be prepared to study real images from the surface of the Red Planet.  Additionally, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Japan both have spacecraft currently headed for Mars.  The year 2004 will be an exciting one for Mars exploration.  This Mars Rover Project opens the door for children to experience the excitement.



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