Future Engineers in the Elementary Classroom

At Montessori School of Corona, the 5th and 6th grade students first built a 6-foot K'Nex crane for practice while they awaited delivery of their rover.  The students (8 boys and 5 girls) formed four groups.  They each selected a portion of the crane to build and then worked cooperatively to complete the project with no teacher intervention.  They used any free time they had to work on it.

In their class newsletter, Hassan wrote:

We are heading on to phase two, building our rover.  The rover will be sent to another Montessori school in Cypress.  The rover is made out of K'Nex and comes with a versatile camera, which will be taking pictures of the other landscape.  Since it is made of K'Nex, Chris volunteered to bring a K'Nex crane as practice.  It took about one week to create.  The rover, hopefully, will be finished by April of this year.

Brennen reported:

The Mars Project training session is complete.  The students have finished the Power Tower Crane.  The purpose of the crane was to train the students with K'Nex, so they would know how to read and follow the directions to build the rover.

Photo courtesy of Tom Seeling.



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