Construction Materials

The K'NEX rover, shown here, was specifically designed for this project.  John Richardson of Applied Technologies worked closely with Steven Dworetzky to develop this kit, and worked with the teachers listening to their input to revise the written materials to make them more helpful to students.

Although the K'NEX rover is featured in these pages, virtually any small rover with a camera could be used for this project.  If your school already has a rover or materials that can be adapted, or if you are able to purchase parts and build a rover from scratch, you will find this project flexible enough to suit your needs.

Here is a screenshot of the K'NEX programming for the Mars rover.  Individual icons may be selected to build a step
by step program that will be downloaded to the rover.

The K'NEX rover kit comes in a tub for easy storage of
the building materials.

The first step in the construction process is to count and
sort the various parts that will be needed for the rover.


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