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Songs of the Cetaceans


(to the tune of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?")

This cetacean has a tooth
6 feet long
That's the truth!
Uses it to break the ice.
Doesn't have to use it twice.

This cetacean weighs 2 tons
Swims in pods
They're quick ones
Measures to 18 feet long
Narwhal sings a whistling song.

All images courtesy and copyright The Students of Montessori School of Corona.
All Cetacean song lyrics courtesy and copyright of Colleen Ferryman.

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Colleen has shared these lyrics at many workshops and with fellow teachers.  Sometimes these songs have been photocopied and shared without giving her credit.  Colleen encourages you to share these lyrics with your students and other teachers, but please write to: Imagiverse - Team for permission to post, photocopy or email to multiple recipients.


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Last Updated:
27 June 2004

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