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Sea Facts

A whale is a mammal.  It has smooth skin.  It inhales through a blow hole and breathes air and has lungs.  Its young are born live.  When it swims, its tail moves up and down.

A fish has skin covered with scales.  It takes water in through the mouth and it has gills to take the oxygen from the water.  Its young hatch from eggs.  When it swims, its tail moves side to side.

Examples of mammals: whale, dolphin, porpoise, seal, sea otter, sea lion, manatee, walrus.

Examples of fish: angelfish, salmon, tuna, sea horse, sunfish, stingray, shark, swordfish, flying fish.

Other creatures that live in the sea: octopus (mollusk), squid (mollusk), lobster (crustacean), jellyfish (coelenterate), turtle (reptile), starfish (echinoderm).

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27 June 2004

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