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"We often forget that imagination is a force for the discovery of truth.  The mind is not a passive thing, but a devouring flame, never in repose, always in action."
~ Dr. Maria Montessori - The Absorbent Mind

Our Team

Michelle Mock Michelle Mock
Michelle Mock is an educator in Southern California.  Having a background in early-childhood to middle school education, she heads up Imagiverse Educational Consortium, directing it to pursue its goals in lifelong learning.  Michelle co-founded Imagiverse.org in 2001.
Stephanie Wong Stephanie Wong
Stephanie Wong is a computational scientist and musician.  She is co-founder and webmaster of Imagiverse.org, responsible for the development and maintenance of the site.

Our Mission:

We believe that imagination is the key to learning.  Teachers can teach, but learning comes from within.  Our goal is to spark the flame that will lead young and old to pursue learning as an adventure through imagination.  There is an unending universe of learning opportunities.  Every bit of knowledge gained will undoubtedly lead the learner to new levels of wondering, new questions, new adventures.  We are never too young nor too old to learn.  Open the universe of your imagination.

Imagine the Universe ...

When you look out into the night sky, what do you see?  Depending upon your location, the weather conditions, and the amount of surrounding light (light pollution), you probably see stars.  Billions and billions of stars ... does it ever end?

Between the stars, you can see black space.  Dark empty space ... or is it?

What is between the stars?  What is behind the stars?  What ARE the stars?

Imagine Knowledge ...

When you wonder about something, you can gain knowledge by asking questions or researching.  You gain knowledge by figuring things out on your own.  You gain knowledge by going to school, reading, surfing the Internet or just looking at things and wondering about them.

Like the universe, knowledge is vast.  There is more knowledge than known stars.  There is more to know than can fit in the universe.  Every discovery brings a host of new questions.  There will never be an end to what intelligent beings can learn.  There is no end to learning.  The empty space between questions is more questions that haven't been asked.

Imagine Wonder ...

Knowledge is found in books, magazines, encyclopedias and on the Internet.  You can find answers, to get you started, almost anywhere you look.  However, most knowledge is found inside the minds of other intelligent beings like yourself.

Knowledge is in the form of memories ...

Your grandparents, your parents, and every person around you (including yourself), has knowledge about things they experienced.  This knowledge is locked in memories.

Knowledge from education ...

People everywhere have knowledge from formal education.  Some have had more schooling, some have had less, but they have all learned something in the process.

Knowledge from curiosity ...

People wonder.  People invent.  People think.  People ask questions ... billions and billions of questions.  People get answers ... billions and billions of answers.  Some answers are right and some answers are wrong.  Some questions do not have answers and some answers change as we gain new knowledge.  Many answers already exist but we have yet to ask the questions.  Other answers are locked in the minds of other intelligent beings (like you).  Come unlock those answers by imagining, wondering and sharing.

Imagiverse.Org ... A Universe of Imagination

Imagiverse .... the universe of our imaginations
has no boundaries.



Last Updated:
23 December 2014

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