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Hi, my name is Agustín (Gus) L. González.  I was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.  Since the age of five I have lived in many cities around the world: Mexico City, New York City, Miami, San Juan, Madrid, St. Louis, and Willemstad in Curaçao.  Meeting folks from all walks of life has enriched me to be the person I am today.  I thank my parents for the upbringing they have provided throughout the years in spite of the changes WE as a family have endured.

My Family

Family is something that WE should treasure.  It wasn't until my first born that I really understood what being a father and even a husband was all about.  The family concept is unique to ALL of us but to each it is a special individual feeling.  My father left Cuba when I was two years old in search of a better place to raise OUR family - we were not reunited till I was five.  Just seeing my father holding, caressing and singing to my one year son envision my childhood memories.

Reality Bites

In "real life", I am a Vice President in the Latin America Product Management division of Bank of America.  In my "spare time" I have launched GuTech Enterprises, Inc.  Owning my own business has given me a new adventurous perspective to my life and a reality aspect to the development of several Web sites in Cyberspace: creativity and innovation!!!


I consider myself a renaissance character; always on the go – looking to learn more as each day passes.  My early years of education have been the basic building blocks to my persona.

I attended the Episcopal Cathedral School in Santurce, Puerto Rico and The American School of Madrid in Madrid, Spain.

I received my MBA from Nova Southeastern University in June 2002.  My BBA in Management Information Systems undergraduate degree was obtained from Florida International University in 1987.

Education is something that we should treasure, be enriched by it and apply what we learn.  This allows us to "always" give something of added value back to those around us.

My Advice

If you have a dream – pursue it.  Remember, "If you build it, they will come."


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15 November 2003

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