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  Who Am I?

I can describe myself as a girl who has many goals for her life. I like to learn a lot and I like to learn new things everyday. Since I was little, I have been very interested in space exploration, astronomy, space shuttles, space missions and many other things.

I like to watch NASA’s web pages and others that are related to space. From there I have learned a lot. Some of my big interests are the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) and Mars exploration. I like to study a lot and my favorite subject at school is math.

Liggia's Mascot Liggia's mascot, Tuty

Personal Information and Aspirations

I live in Santa Ana, El Salvador. I am an 8th grade student. I speak Spanish and English and I am learning German. I want to become an aerospace and aeronautic engineer.

I want to work at NASA and become an astronaut and participate in many space missions. On those missions, I would like to be the commander, because having a lot of responsibility and the ultimate responsibility for safety of the crew and shuttle, for me is great. When you challenge yourself, you show that you have a lot of capacity to handle things. I also want to be a test pilot.

Other Interests

I study judo. I am blue belt. I love to do that sport. For me, judo is the best of all and I enjoy practicing it. I have been in many championships in which I have won and I hope to be in many more and win those too.


Never give up. Always be yourself and don’t let any other person change your beliefs and thoughts. Try to always have goals and fulfill them no matter how difficult or easy it is. Never be shy of what you think and believe. Remember everyday that you are a unique person and that you can do a lot and reach many things. Study a lot. Help people when you can.

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16 August 2001

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