Postcard and text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and students.
Image Pilgrims Book House.

Hello friends,
We are six boys in Taiwan. Our ages are 12 to 14. Our names are: Howard, Steven, Jack, Edward, Peter, and Jackie. Our teacher, Dr. Yang, allowed us to ask five questions to Mr Khagendra Ghimie. Hes a teacher in Nepal. We hope you enjoy our interview.
Best wishes!!!

Caption: The Kathmandu Valley turns a lush green twice each year: during the summer monsoon when the annual rice crop covers the fields, then again in winter seen here when the winter wheat crop comes up. Photo by John Everingham.

Imagiverse sends special thanks across the oceans to Dr. Kim Yang and his students: Howard, Steven, Jack, Edward, Peter, and Jackie, for sharing Khagendra Ghimie's interview and postcards with Imagiverse.


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