Postcard and text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and students.
Image © Pilgrims Book House.

Western women have become increasingly “liberated” over the last few decades. Many careers once open only to men are now filled with women who have proven that they are equally capable. However, in many places around the world, other women have proven (for centuries and more), that they are also equally capable. As foreign as the concept of a “Matriarchal Society” is to Americans and other Westerners, these societies continue to exist (and flourish) in some parts of the world. The concept that a “woman’s work is never done” is especially true in a Matriarchal Society where the women are the heads of the families taking full responsibility for all aspects of their family life.

Imagiverse would like to encourage readers to research the various countries, customs and people who are represented by these postcards.

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BigAppleTree wishes to thank Mr. Khagendra Ghimie for the interview. Imagiverse sends special thanks across the oceans to Dr. Kim Yang and his students: Howard, Steven, Jack, Edward, Peter, and Jackie, for sharing Khagendra Ghimie's interview and postcards with Imagiverse.


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