Postcard courtesy of Ralph Ordiz

There are many beautiful, centuries old churches in the Philippines. Many were built during the Spanish era. The greatest influence of the Spaniards to our country is the Roman Catholic Religion. I'm a Catholic. In my place, here in Maasin City [Southern Leyte] there is a 17th century church, sorry but there's no postcard that feature our church. The [Catholic] Church in our country is powerful figure and an influence in our daily life. Every day there is always a Holy Mass. Filipinos are deeply religious. the Church is one of the very important forces that make the 1986 People Power Revolution was successful to overthrown the dictatorship of the tyranny of President Ferdinand Marcos.

Caption: The seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, the Manila Cathedral is presently the 6th cathedral to rise on the site since 1581.


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