Postcard courtesy of Michelle Mock

The hill known as Montjuich (Montjüic) was the sight of the 1929 World’s Fair and 1992 Olympic Games. I remember it most for its amusement park. I attended Marymount International School in Barcelona my freshman and sophomore years of high school. The two Barcelona amusement parks (Montjuich and Tibidabo) were frequently our destination on the weekends.

My best friend at school was Jeannette Dimech. She was in a band and I was a wannabe singer. Jeannette made it big, I didn’t. The reason I mention this… Jeannette and her bandmates and I would go places together… like the amusement park at Montjuich. They were not used to their new fame and would frequently be recognized by fans. One of my most cherished memories was running around the amusement park, with the band, trying to escape screaming fans. It was crazy! It reminded me of the Beatles’ movie “Hard Day’s Night”. We were all running around like lunatics! I got tired of running and decided to go have a Coca Cola and meet up with Jeannette and her Picnic bandmates later.

While sipping my Coke, I noticed an even more famous musician. Mike Kennedy, lead singer of the 1960s era band Los Bravos, was sitting nearby. Nonchalantly I walked past his table. With all the sophistication I could muster at age 16, I smiled and said, “Hello Mike. I’m waiting for my friends from Picnic. Have you seen them?”

Caption: Museo de Arte de Cataluña and the illuminated fountains of Montjuich at night. From the top of the hill you get an incredible view of the city of Barcelona.


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