Madrid Around 1910

Postcard courtesy of Michelle Mock

Madrid, 1910

Muchos recuerdos de Mariquita

Mariquita is Maude Kellerman who lived in Madrid, Spain for a year in 1910.  I found the postcards she sent to her mother in Washington, D.C. at the Jurupa Cultural Center in Riverside, California around 1987.  The postcards were amongst other old items being sold to benefit the family oriented education center.

I donít know Maude, or her family, but these postcards provide a glimpse into the past, a time long before emails, when handwritten letters and postcards kept families in touch.  In those days, you couldn't pick up a telephone and call the United States from Spain.  Did you know that transcontinental telephone conversations weren't even possible until 1915, five years after this postcard was sent?  In those days, if someone had to get in touch with you quickly, they would probably send a telegram.


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