Postcard courtesy of Michelle Mock

Valencia, Spain, has special memories for me. This postcard was sent to me by a Spanish exchange student who spent a month with us in the summer of 1987. Hosting exchange students is a wonderful way for both the student and the host family to learn about another country and another culture. Typically exchange students become one of the family and the relationship may last for many years.

Valencia was also the first place I traveled to after arriving in Spain. A short two months after we arrived in 1965, my sister and I got to spend a week with a new found Spanish friend and her family who lived in Valencia. At ages 13 and 11, we adapted rather quickly to our new culture!

A sad memory, that will always be engraved in my brain, was Valencia was the place where I learned of the assasination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. You always remember where you were when you learn of some horrific news, I was with my friend Jeanette, and her band Pic-Nic, which had just performed at the Valencia Plaza de Toros.

Caption: Estación del Norte

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