Postcard courtesy of Ms. Bradley's Kindergarten

We are an all-day kindergarten class at La Paloma Academy, a charter school. We are learning about the six pillars of Character Counts. They are Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Caring and Fairness. Our teacher says, with these you can draw, have recess, and learn about weather, animals, letters and numbers. We have twenty kids in our class and two grownups, Ms. Bradley and Mrs. Valenzuela. Tucson is in the desert, so it gets very hot in the spring and summer, but we do get to play outside almost every day, even in the winter. There are lots of cacti and other prickly plants. The wild animals are tough, to live in the desert. We see coyotes, jackrabbits, snakes and sometimes scorpions too. Fifth graders come to our class to read to us, and we like that.


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