Postcard courtesy of Ms. Bradley's Kindergarten

We are a kindergarten class at La Paloma Academy in Tucson, Arizona. We are learning about the six pillars of Character Counts, the Golden Rule and Just Say No to Drugs. We are also learning to read letters, numerals and to read words, to tell time and about other places in America. We like to sing the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, The More We Get Together and Five Little Ducks.

Tucson is in the desert, with lots of mountains around the city. Deserts don't have much water, so we don't have much grass, but there are lots of pretty flowers, cacti and trees. We are close to Mexico, so lots of what we like to do, wear and eat comes from there. We can play outside all year, because the sun shines almost every day.

Caption: Dating back to the First Century, the Tucson area has played host to farmers, explorers, missionaries, and pioneers. Founded in 1775 by an Irishman, Tucson is a modern metropolitan region unique in culture and heritage. Modern-day "explorers" find the lush desert and rugged mountains of Tucson an enticing place to leave those modern-day cares behind. Rejuvenate in Tucson!


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