Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Ortiz’s 5th Graders, Canyon Crest Elementary

Hi from Fontana, California!
We have 34 students in our 5th grade classroom and about 775 kids in our school. We are a year round school, which means we have a month off in September, January and May instead of one long summer break. We are great mathematicians, and we love to read. Our class has read over 10 million words so far this year! Fontana is in a valley at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains and we are approximately 45 minutes from the beaches and Disneyland. (That means in the winter, we can ski in the morning, head to the beach in the afternoon and visit Mickey Mouse at night… if our parents would allow it.) Fontana is home to the California Speedway, and we have lots of NASCAR fans in our class.

Caption: “America’s Ultimate Race Place”, the California Speedway’s 2-mile D-Shaped oval is 75 feet wide with a 15 foot apron. Turns 1-2 and 3-4 have 14 degree banking. The front stretch is 3,100 feet long and banked 11 degrees while the back straightaway is 2,500 feet in length and has 3 degrees of banking. There is Grandstand seating for 92,100 race fans plus 63 Corporate Suites and 28 Skyboxes.
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