Postcard courtesy of Wendy Fairon.

Caption: Chico State University, one of California's most popular state univerisities is located in Chico, California.  Photos Steve Gibson, Terrell Creative.

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Chico is a medium-sized town of 79,000.  John Bidwell, who was among the first emigrants to take the California Trail, founded the city in 1860.  After his death, his wife Annie bequeathed 2,238 acres (almost 10 square miles) of land to the city, which makes up the almost 3,400-acre Bidwell Park.  Bidwell Park is ranked as the 4th largest municipal park in the U.S.  One favorite pastime in an area called "Upper Park" is disc golf.  There is free access to this modified Frisbee/Golf game above the canyon overlooking the city.  Chico is an agriculture and outdoor-friendly area.

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