Mickey visits Minnie at her home in Toontown © Disney

Southern California is a great place to live.  We can hop in our car, and except when driving during the "rush hour", we can reach the beach, mountains, desert, valleys, theaters, sports arenas, concert halls and more in about an hour.  Southern California has just about everything you could ask for Ö and good weather too!

We have been celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and it has been great fun!  We particularly enjoy the fireworks which burst right over our homes in Toontown!  They are spectacular!  Year round people come to see us at our homes in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and now Hong Kong!  Thatís traveling!   When the sun sets at one of our homes, it is shining at another.  We spend our days going from one to the other.  Thank goodness we have a little pixie dust to help us out!! :-D

Gotta run.  There are a lot of children waiting to visit with us.  We hope to see you soon!

Love and Kisses from your pals,
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse


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