Postcard courtesy of Mrs. McKiernan's Class
Different views of California California Scene

Wells Middle School in Riverside, California has over 1040 students in grades 6-8. We have a closed circuit TV station at our school, KWIN, which gives us the daily announcements. We have 6 periods of regular school from 8-2. After 2:00, we have Prime Time with skate boarding, chess and other clubs. We also have sports teams: volleyball, softball, football, and basketball. Riverside is a big city with a population of over 247,800. We are famous for oranges and palm trees. We are named The City Beautiful because we were the first town in the USA to have tree-lined streets. Our symbol is the raincross. We also have the famous Mission Inn. You have probably heard of our new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. For fun, we like to visit Castle Park, the Galeria Mall, and the movies.


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