Postcard courtesy of Benjamin Jepson School
Connecticut shoreline New England Photo

Greetings New Haven, Connecticut! We are a multiage class of 23 students in second and third grade. We have the same teacher for two years in a row! We love to study Rocks and Minerals, The Water Cycle, and about the Life Cycle of Butterflies. Our school is split into two buildings. One has K-4 and the other has 5-8, but we are having a new school built. Soon we will all be together. Our school is unique because we have School-Wide Meetings, a Talented and Gifted Program, and we go on field trips to the museums at Yale University. Our class just earned our first marble celebration of the year. We earn marbles when everyone does their work and we all get along. We love hearing from you! From, The Students in Alisha's Class


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