Postcard courtesy of Lynne Bean

Ah Summer!  Very brief, lovely, the time when most people come to Maine for a taste of paradise.  Southern Maine has long stretches of sandy beaches that are full of summer tourists.  Mid-Coast Maine has rocky beaches, good for hiking, picnics and reading.  There is no surfing on the coast of Maine because there is no surf.  You pretty much have to swim or wade.

The crisp air of Fall begins in late August with cooler nights, more blankets and wool socks.  You can almost taste the tartness of a freshly picked apple in the crunch of fall foliage underfoot as you hike through the Maine woods on a fall day.

Caption: Maine Vacationland "The Way Life Should Be".
Ocean Drive Gary Stanley
Harbor Scene John Penrod
Bull Moose Mark Picard
Mr. Katahdin Kevin Shields
Nubble Light Dianne Dietrich Leis


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